The tail of…my introduction.

The tail of…my introduction.

Hello and welcome to my blog.  First off, let me introduce myself.  My name is Wes and I am the official “spokesdog” – self-appointed, of course, for Westfield Vet Group, where I have taken up residence.  Who better to be in charge of an animal hospital than an animal?? This blogging malarkey is perfect for me because although I can’t talk, I can type like nobody’s business.  Luckily, the doctors are very hard at work taking care of all of my friends, so it leaves their chairs empty throughout the day, so I just jump right on to their computers.  They sometimes wonder why their chairs are warm and furry.

There is an awful lot that goes on here, so I’m going to try to give you a first-hand account, with an insider’s perspective, of what happens here!  It’s sometimes hard to keep up, because this place stays open all the time.  Can you believe that?  It never, ever closes!  I feel bad for my friends that need to come in the middle of the night because some of them are pretty sick, but let me tell you, the doctors, techs and actually everybody that works here are so smart and so very kind.  And of course I’m here to let them know not to be scared.

I will try to update you when I can and certainly when there is exciting news to report.  I hope you will follow along with me.  Until next time…


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