Tail of the… creepy crawlies!

Who knew that veterinarians also know a thing or two about bugs!  Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms and so many more!  And let me tell you, they are not just pesky and gross, but these guys are responsible for spreading all kinds of horrible diseases that can make not only my friends and me sick, but you and your family as well.

My friend Bandit the Labrador came in so sad one day.  He was so brave the week before when he had the needle stuck in him to pull out some blood, but when the laboratory sent back the results, it turned out that he was positive for heartworm!  Apparently those annoying mosquitoes are not just responsible for giving you an itchy welt.  They can spread heartworm to dogs and even cats!  Sometimes cats don’t think they can get it because they never go outside, but pesky mosquitoes certainly invite themselves inside!  Now, I’m not a huge fan of cats, but it makes me a little sad when they get sick…just don’t tell them I said that.  It’s bad for my image.  Bandit now has to take lots and lots of medicine, and over the next 2 months has to have several hospital stays.  But worst of all, he has to stay in his crate for 90 days!  If he gets too active, fragments of dead worms can block his blood flow!!!  That’s not only disgusting, but can be life threatening!  I heard the doctor delivering the news to Bandit’s family and holy moly it’s going to cost a lot to make him better.  I don’t know why they wouldn’t just give him that tasty little treat every month like I take.  It’s really yummy and keeps me healthy at the same time.  It protects my belly from disgusting bugs that can live in my belly too.  I’ve heard the doctors say that some of these worms can infect humans too.  That should be incentive enough to protect your pets!


Now let me tell you a thing or two about ticks!!  They are out in abundance right now.  Like a little army of little eight-legged creatures just waiting to jump aboard something nice and warm and take a nice blood meal.  Yuck!  And these guys (and gals!) can transmit all sorts of horrible disease, such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and a bunch of other ones that I can’t pronounce.  Lucky for me and my dog pals, there is a vaccine for Lyme that can at least help prevent us from getting that one.  I heard that Lyme disease can be pretty bad and cause all kinds of problems.  I get another treat each month to help protect me from these nasty diseases caused by ticks.  Some of my friends get a little bit of liquid applied to their backs.  I’ll bet you humans wish you could just eat a tasty snack instead of covering yourselves with DEET!

As long as I stay as protected as I can from all of these bugs, I really enjoy the spring time!  I can spend more time outside running and playing, and the flowers are really pretty too!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!


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